Glaucoma is a chronic eye disease related to increased pressure within the eye. It is a leading cause of blindness, especially in older individuals.

In the early stages of the disease there are usually no symptoms. By the time visual impairment is noticeable, irreversible optic nerve damage has likely occurred. This “silent progression” of the initial stages of the disease is what makes it so dangerous, and it is why regular Glaucoma screening is imperative. Early diagnosis and treatment greatly reduce the chance of vision impairment or loss.

Glaucoma screening includes measurement of the intraocular pressure, as well as assessment of the structural anatomy of the eye, and observation of the optic nerve. Treatment usually consists of drops or laser treatment.

At Boston Institute, comprehensive Glaucoma screening is a routine part of every eye exam. We have the latest laser technology and are fully equipped to manage glaucoma and its treatment.